Sunday School @ 9:30 Service @ 10:30

Youth Ministry

The “teenage Years” are a time of constant growth and change. In an effort to help teenagers begin and deepen their commitment to God, our family of faith has a staff who ministers to our youth. It is our belief that these are critical years of life. The youth ministry is for 6th grade through 12th grade.

Our youth ministry consists of a variety of opportunities for teenagers to learn, practice, and share their faith in Christ. Retreats, conferences, mission trips, and community service projects are just a few of the opportunities available for the teenagers of our family.

We also have a Youth Drama Team who meets every Sunday afternoon at 3:00 pm. They perform at many Drama events around our county.

A schedule of the weekly youth ministry activities is listed below:

9:30 a.m. Sunday School
10:30 a.m. Morning Worship Service
3:00 p.m. Drama Practice
6:30 p.m. Youth Worship (“Living Scripture”) Service