Sunday School @ 9:30 Service @ 10:30

Senior Adult Ministry

There is a discovery of new opportunities for many that have reached the “senior adult stage” in their lives. Our Sonshine Ministry and OASIS are designed to experience life in all its fullness.

Both ministries are for senior adults who are 50 years or age and older. But anyone is welcome to attend.

Weekly ministry to area nursing homes is just one aspect or our Sonshine ministry. Special events, such as day trips and singing at churches, are planned on a regular basis. This group meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. This is a special time of rehearsal for the Sonshine Singers and fellowship over a covered dish meal.

Older Adults Serving In Service
“God, you have taught me from my youth and I still proclaim Your wonderful works.” Psalm 71:17

Special events, such as day trips and eating at unique restaurants, are planned at least once a month. You will find opportunities to serve our Lord, see and visit some of God’s beautiful creations, and have Christian fellowship.

For more information on the Sonshine Ministry or OASIS, you may contact the church office at (205)384-4808.